Gayana v70 n2/1

Gayana (Concepc.) v.70 n.2 supl.
Concepción 2006

Foreword by V.A. GAllardo

  • Astor, Y. M., M. Scranton, L. Guzmán, R. Thunell, F. Muller-Karger, G. Taylor, K. Fanning & R. Varela. Seasonal variability of the suboxic waters at the Cariaco Time-Series Station.
  • Bruland, K.W. Areview of the chemistries of redox sensitive elements within suboxic zones of oxygen minimum regions.
  • Dalsgaard, T., B. Thamdrup & M. Mark Jensen. Nitrogen cycling in sub-oxic waters colums.
  • Escribano, R. Zooplancton interactions with the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the Eastern South Pacific.
  • Gallardo, V.A. & C. Espinoza. The sediment microorganisms under the Oxygen Minimum Zone: Present day analogs of precambrian ocean?.
  • González H E., G. Daneri, E. Menschel, M. Marchant, S. Pantoja, D. Hebbeln, C. Barria, R. Vera & J. Iriarte.Downward fluxes of POM in coastal and oceanic areas off Chile: The role of the OMZ and functional groups of the plankton.
  • Gutiérrez, D., L. Quipúzcoa & E. Enríquez. Oxygen deficiency and benthic communities in Peruvian margin.
  • Hormazábal, S., G. Shaffer, N. Silva & E. Navarro. The Peru-Chile undercurrent an the Oxygen Minimum Zone variability off Central Chile.
  • Matear, R. Global warning projection of the change in dissolved oxygen concentrations in low oxygen regions of the oceans.
  • Naqvi S. W. A. Oxygen deficiency in the North Indian Ocean.
  • Oguz T. Mechanisms controlling the suboxic layer of the Black Sea.
  • Pantoja S. Biogeochemistry of the OMZ off Chile.
    Quiñones, R. A., R. R. González, H. Levipan, G. Jessen & M. H. Gutiérrez. Living in the Oxygen Minimum Zone: a metabolic perspective.
  • Rabalais, N. N. Oxygen depletion in the Gulf o Mexico adjacent to the Mississippi river.
  • Schneider, W., R. Fuenzalida, J. Garcés-Vargas, L. Bravo, & C. Lange. Vertical and horizontal extension of the Oxygen Mimimum Zone in the Eastern South Pacific Ocean.
  • Scranton, M. I., Y. Astor, D. Percy, X. Li, X. Ling & G. T. Taylor & many others. The Biogeochemistry of the suboxic and anoxic cariaco basin.
  • Ulloa, O., Belmar, L. Farías, M. Castro-González, A. Galán, P. Lavín, V. Molina, S. Ramírez, F. Santibáñez & H. Stevens. Microbial communities and their biogeochemical role in the water column of the Oxygen Minimum Zone in the Eastern South Pacific.

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